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Why Acid Brick:
Brick and tile flooring have been used for over a century in the food and beverage industry. Acid brick floors provide long term cost effectiveness and durability unmatched by other flooring surfaces. Acid brick when coupled with high performance installation materials and skilled labor provide superior thermal shock and chemical resistance. Acid brick are used in food plants, dairies, bottling plants, breweries, chemical plants, meat processing plants, bakeries, soap plants, and containment areas. Acid brick are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Also they are used in areas that demand high temperature, freezing, and heavy traffic tolerances.

Acid Brick Qualities:
Acid brick is extruded from high quality shale and fired at extreme temperatures in a slow moving tunnel oven in a process taking nearly 9 days. The finished product is a uniformly dense brick paver made in various thicknesses and surface finishes such as smooth, abrasive, double abrasive, and vertical fiber. They achieve absorption rates well under 5% and an average compressive strength of 23,450 P.S.I.

Specifications for Acid Brick Floor Systems:
Acid brick may be installed using many different methods, joint, and setting materials. It is very important to use the appropriate materials and experienced professionals to perform the installation. The correct specifications for your particular use are available from us. Request this info using our contact form or call us toll free at 800-323-7504.

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